At ICSION, we are passionate about micromanipulation pipettes used in assisted reproductive technology.

With decades of experience manufacturing and supplying micropipettes, our team is guided by the objectives of providing best-in-class products and responsive customer service.

We understand the impact that micropipette design, uniformity and cleanliness can have on micromanipulation procedures performed by skilled embryologists.  The vital importance of good clinical outcomes is why ICSION aims to ensure we supply our customers with only the highest quality products.

To achieve this, we manufacture our micropipettes in Australia within a state-of-the-art ISO 14644 certified cleanroom to stringent process requirements encompassing layers of rigorous quality control and quality assurance measurers.  Importantly, we are focused solely on micropipettes and take extreme care in our work.


ICSION’s management team has a successful history of manufacturing and supplying high-quality micropipettes to IVF clinics across five continents in their previous roles. This experience is supplemented by ICSION’s dedicated scientific and technical advisors who are pioneers in micromanipulation techniques and time lapse photography of human embryo development.

Johnathon Matthews

Chief Executive Officer

Johnathon is passionate about manufacturing medical devices, and in particular, providing high quality products used in reproductive medicine. This interest stems from a fascination of medical science, an enthusiasm for business development and growing up with a fertility specialist at home during the early days of IVF.

Johnathon is a former director and general manager of The Pipette Company (TPC) which grew strongly to become a well-regarded manufacturer and global supplier of micromanipulation pipettes. He is also a former director of Reproductive Health Science (RHS), an ASX-listed company that was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2018.

Johnathon currently also serves as a non-executive director of life science and medical device companies including Biomebank, SeonixBio and Austofix. 

Dianna Payne

B.Sc. Hons
Scientific & Technical Advisor

Dianna Payne has extensive experience in human IVF and is an honorary life member of the Fertility Society of Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ). She started working in the field in the 1980’s at The University of Adelaide’s Reproductive Medicine Unit (later ‘Repromed’), and was a senior embryologist there until 1999. Dianna pioneered the development and use of various micromanipulation procedures to assist fertilization and ran workshops in Australia and Asia to train embryologists in Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Dianna manufactured micropipettes for these early clinical ICSI procedures. Dianna also pioneered time lapse video recording and published the first time lapse studies of human fertilization and early embryo development in the mid 1990’s. Research interests included mechanisms of fertilization and embryo development.

In 1999, Dianna co-founded The Pipette Company (TPC) to manufacture high-quality micromanipulation pipettes for the growing IVF market. TPC grew strongly to become a highly regarded manufacturer and global supplier of micromanipulation pipettes.

Sean Flaherty

Scientific & Technical Advisor

Sean Flaherty was a senior scientist in The University of Adelaide’s Reproductive Medicine Unit from 1988-1995 and was Head of the Gamete Laboratories (Andrology, Embryology) from 1996-1999. Sean was a pioneer in identifying the causes of fertilization failure after ICSI. Research interests included mechanisms of fertilization, reasons for fertilization failure, and aneuploidy in gametes.

In 1999, Sean co-founded The Pipette Company (TPC) with Dianna Payne and Colin Matthews.